Colours & Shapes

Colours available for your orders:


Shapes available for cookies:

(In alphabetical order, might have some missing if you've seen a shape in our socials or on the website, we have it!) 

Apple, Arch (half), Arch (skinny), Arch (stumpy), Baby Bottle, Baby Onesie, Bunny, Bunny Ears, Butterfly, Carrot, Champagne Flute,

Christmas Tree, Circle, Coffee Cup, Crinkle Circle, Cross, Donut, Duck, Flower, Geo Heart, Gingerbread Man, Hexagon, House, Lemon,

Lips, Monstera Leaf, Moustache, Numbers 0-9, Nurse Scrubs, Penis, Rectangle, Ring, Sausage Dog, Snow Flake, Square, Star, Surfboard, Whale