How do I place an order?

You can order directly through the SHOP page or if you can’t find exactly what you were after, either fill out an enquiry form on our website or email us directly at hello@bakedcollective.com.au


Do you deliver?

Unfortunately we only offer delivery for Wedding cakes. 
Wedding cake deliveries range $40-$200 depending on distance.

We also ship out NYC Cookies across Australia using Aus Post.


I cant select the date I want when ordering online?

This could be because of a few reasons, I may be fully booked for that date, I might not be taking orders for that date due to personal reasons or holidays or it may be too far in advance.


What are the serving sizes based on?

These are based on coffee serves, not dessert serves. If you are after dessert serves, it would be approx. half the amount of serves that is listed for that cake size.


Can you explain what each colour means for the Retro Cakes?

How long can I display my cake for:

Buttercream does soften and will melt in direct sunlight. It's recommended to display your cakes indoors with air-conditioning for up to 4 hours. If it is outside, its best not to be out any longer than 2 hours.


Can you copy a cake EXACTLY that I want?

We will not copy a cake that another baker has created, however we can use these as inspiration and have our own twist. We can replicate cakes that we have made previously.

I sent through an enquiry but haven’t heard back?

Hang tight! We aim to get back to you within 3-5 business days. If you haven't heard back after 5 business days, please send through another enquiry as it may have gotten lost!

How much notice do you need?

I suggest ordering up to a month before, I usually have 3 months open at a time e.g. in January – February and March will be open for orders. Some dates book out quickly so please send through an enquiry as soon as you know a date for your event.

I need a cake in 5 days, is this possible?

Last minute cakes may be able to be catered for, please send an email stating URGENT in the subject box and provide as much information as possible with the details provided to you on the website.

Do you do Gluten Free products?

YES! Gluten free cakes, cupcakes and brownies are currently available for ordering. Please note we cant guarantee a GF environment so there may be traces of gluten.

Do you have any Vegan options?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any Vegan products available however this is something to be looked at in the future


If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered on here, please send through an email