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Cake Tasting Box - 1st & 2nd MARCH

Cake Tasting Box - 1st & 2nd MARCH

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Cake Tasting Box -1st & 2nd MARCH


Tasting Boxes are perfect if you have a cake booked in or looking at booking in a cake and wanting to taste the flavours!

I've put together some of our most popular flavours and fillings 

Flavours include:
Chocolate Mud & Chocolate Ganache filling
White Choc Mud & Passionfruit Curd
White Chocolate Raspberry & Raspberry Jam
Caramel & Salted Caramel Sauce
Vanilla & Lemon Curd
Cookies n Cream & crushed Oreos
Also includes 2 sugar cookies and 2 spoons!

When ordering a cake, it is optional to get a filling - however I think it makes a massive difference to the flavour of the cake, try for yourself!

Box will be available for pick up on the 1st & 2nd MARCH

Shelf life will be approx. 5 days from the date you pick up your cakes. Cakes should be served at room temperature but should be stored in the fridge prior. Remove your cakes from fridge for approx 1hour to come to room temp before eating. Freeze your leftovers for up to 2 months, or in the fridge for 3-4 days.

All cakes are made in premises in which nuts are used and large amounts of wheat flour are handled. Cakes contain dairy, eggs and gluten - may be traces of nuts & soy.

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